Ed Sheeran Tickets

How To Get Ed Sheeran Tickets At A Discount

Music fans all over get excited when they find out their favorite artists are playing at a convenient location. They race to concert venues, online and offline, in the hopes of finding reasonable prices. If you are on the hunt for Ed Sheeran tickets and you want to avoid going for broke, here are some tips that will help you score discounts.

Wait A While Before Making A Purchase

Some people are so scared about Ed Sheeran tickets selling out that they rush to buy them the first day they go on sale. This is sometimes a mistake since prices are higher when there appears to be more demand. If you wait a week or so before buying them, you can save a reasonable sum. The only downside to this is the fact that they may sell out before that time comes.

Find A General Admission Concert

This is one of the best ways to score great tickets without paying a bundle. If you head to a venue that has assigned seating, you will have to pay a great deal of money if you want to see the action up close and personal. On the flip side, general admission concerts allow people to select the place they would like to stand on a first come first serve basis. You can get away with paying the same price for front row tickets as the person who is stuck in the farthest place from the stage.

Join A Street Team

When concerts come to town, they hire local people to promote the concert by walking around putting up flyers, sharing news about the event on social media and convincing all of their friends to snag some tickets. In exchange for this, members of this "team" are offered free or extremely discounted tickets. This means that there is a chance you may be able to see Ed Sheeran perform without paying a dime. You should inquire about working for the street team as soon as you hear he will be playing at a venue near you.

Volunteer At The Event

Do you have experience with musical equipment, lighting or something of that nature? If so, you can use this to your advantage when looking for tickets to concerts. Get in touch with the venue and ask them if they need volunteers to help out during the event. Yes, this means you will actually have to do some work in exchange for the opportunity to see a concert at no-cost, but it could be worth it. Besides, being that close to the stage is far better than paying for a spot on the floor. Whether you are a die-hard Ed Sheeran fan or you have just been introduced to his music, there is nothing like seeing him perform live. If you are interested in attending one of his concerts without spending more money than you can comfortably afford, you should consider using one of these ideas to score free or discounted tickets.

4 Things You Should Never Do At An Ed Sheeran Concert

Scoring tickets to an Ed Sheeran concert could possibly be the most exciting thing that has happened to you in quite some time. You do not want to ruin the moment by commit cardinal sins while you are attending the event. Here are four things you should never do while watching him perform.

1. Display Too Much Affection

When people buy tickets for an Ed Sheeran concert, they do so because they want to enjoy all of his hits. They are not attending because they want to see you and your significant others smooching and staring at one another with loving looks in your eyes. It may seem like people should mind their own business and allow you to do as you please, but this kind of thing can ruin the night for everyone. If you happen to get in an amorous mood while you are there, hold off until you get home.

2. Bring A Tablet Along

People think it's cool to grab your tablet and start taking photos and videos when you are at a concert, but that is not the case at all. This type of device is larger than a phone, which means that it can obstruct the view of those who are unfortunate enough to be positioned behind you. If you want to capture the moment, bring your phone, be subtle and mindful of those around you. Leave you tablet at home where it belongs.

3. Stand Up When Seats Are Available

Yes, everyone knows how much you just love Ed Sheeran, but try your best to resist the urge to get out of your seat and sway to the music. This may seem like second nature to you, but it is a real pain for the people who are sitting down. They paid their hard-earned money to get a glimpse of the singer as he takes them to musical ecstasy, not a bird's eye view of your back. The only time standing is acceptable in a place that has seating is if you are in the aisle of in the very back row.

4. Chat During The Performance

You are probably excited at that Ed Sheeran is in your town and you are finally getting the chance to see him live, so focus on that instead of chatting on excessively while people are trying to enjoy what just might be the best night of their lives. If there is an intermission, you can feel free to talk as much as you like, but as soon as the set starts back up, you should close your mouth, open your ears and listen. If you are lucky enough to be able to attend a concert by one of your favorite artists, don't ruin the moment by doing any of the things that were mentioned here. Not only will this make the nice less than stellar for you, but it can ruin it for those around you as well.

Learn About The Ed Sheeran Tour In July 2017

Ed Sheeran is a singer and a musician from the United Kingdom. He is a Grammy winner with a number of hit songs. As a teenager, he moved to London, England and from there, his music soon had a number one hit on iTunes before he even landed a record label. Later, Atlantic signed him and from that point, he has gone on to sell millions of records. Like many would-be stars, he headed to the big city at a very young age. He felt that in London he could find work as an artist. He headed to the big city with only some clothes, his guitar, and his talent. Once he arrived he was able to almost immediately start working on the local circuit. He continued doing so from 2006 through 2009. In 2010 he decided to try and move up to the next level of his career. He was able to get the attention of an artist after posting a video online. He was able to go on the road with the artist and was even allowed to be the opening act.

Making It To The US Scene

Once Sheeran made his way to the US, Jamie Foxx which has a popular Radio Show on Sirius took notice of Ed and asked him to appear on the show. Soon after, another of Ed's releases made it to the number two position on iTunes. Not long after that Atlantic Records picked him up and had him sign with them. His first major release with Atlantic Records sold a million copies in just the first six months. That led to his being able to write some songs with well-known artists like Taylor Swift. He had a smash hit that was used in the Blockbuster movie, The Hobbit.

Ed Sheeran Tour In July 2017

  • July 1st -Saturday Saint Paul Minnesota at the Xcel Energy Center
  • July 7th & 8th - Friday Toronto Canada - Air Canada Centre
  • July 9th - Sunday Buffalo New York - KeyBank Center
  • July 11th & 12th - Tuesday Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - Wells Fargo Center
  • July 14th - Friday Uncasville, Connecticut - Mohegan Sun Arena
  • July 18th - Tuesday Quebec, Canada - Center Videotron
  • July 19th - Wednesday Montreal, Canada - Bell Centre
  • July 22nd - Saturday Winnipeg, Canada - MTS Centre
  • July 23rd - Sunday Saskatoon, Canada - SaskTel Centre
  • July 25th & 26th - Tuesday Edmonton, Canada - Rogers Place
  • July 28th - Friday Vancouver, Canada - Rogers Arena
  • July 29th - Saturday Tacoma, Washington - Tacoma Dome
  • July 30th - Sunday Portland Oregon - Moda Center at the Rose Quarter
This year's tour has been long awaited by his fans because he took a bit of a Hiatus in 2016. He wanted to work on his third album called 'Divided'. In January of this year, he released two of the singles from that record title, 'Castle On The Hill', and 'Shape Of You'. They were instant hits with one coming in at the number one position and the other at the number six position. You can see him on the Ed Sheeran tour in July in both the U.S. and Canada.

10 Best Ed Sheeran Songs From His Three Albums

It is hard saying that Ed Sheeran has a song that is below par than others in any of his three albums. Each release by this 26-year-old British singer-songwriter and record producer is as great as the next, and his fans can attest to the fact that seeing him sing out his heart live cannot be compared to listening to his songs. Many of those who eagerly await the chance to see Ed Sheeran in concert already have their favorite songs that they would die to hear Sheeran sing, and here is a list of 10 best Ed Sheeran Songs picked from his three albums.

1. One

Sheeran has a voice that melts the heart whether he is belting, rapping or whispering. "One" was a masterpiece done for the ladies that he did while singing in falsetto. In fact, he sang the entire song in his highest vocal range and managed to inject a lovely extended high not in the bridge. That touch at the bridge made the lyrics feel the more romantic and heartfelt making you feel every word as he expresses how you are the only one for him.

2. The A Team

It is a gripping song was about a drug-addicted prostitute that Sheeran met at a homeless shelter and was the lead single from his first album "Plus (+). It was an unusual pick as his debut single, but it worked, launching his singing career to stardom.

3. Thinking Out Loud

Romance and dance that is what "Thinking Out Loud" is all about. The song was a big hit, staying on the Top 10 for 20 weeks and Top 40 for an entire year after its release. This romantic slow-dance, piano-based melody stands as one of Sheeran's best productions and top selling songs to date.

4. Shape Of You

Ed's latest release "Shape Of You" was an instant hit upon is release and was quickly hot on the heels of "Thinking Out Loud", surpassing it and becoming the biggest Ed Sheeran hit to date. The latter was a slow tune while this is a bumping track, which was refreshing and unlike Sheeran though not unexpected since we all know he can rap thus making his choice for this single not much of a surprise.

5. Sing

"Sing" was Ed's declaration of returning to making music after a three-year break from music. It was a single from is Album "Multiply (X)" that shows a new Ed portraying what his third album had in store for his fans. The single was a hit in the UK spending 33 weeks in the Top 40.

6. Castle on the Hill

Although release almost simultaneously but not such a club banger as "Shape Of You, "this song still touches a nerve that gets your toes to tapping as you get carried away by the flowing melody. "Castle On The Hill,"tells Ed's story about his upbringing with personalized lyrics that make you related to his homeland.

7. Photograph

It was the second most streamed song of Sheeran's second album "Multiply (." The song was the last single in the album and played a significant role in the impressive sales of the album, having an impressive individual-sale of 363,200 copies.

8. Give Me Love

The song was full of emotional impact as his sung his heart out pleading for love. The melody has some chanting, hand claps and some fierce drums towards the end that give it a moving climax.

9. Lego House

A single from his first album, "Lego House" is the best piece that exemplifies the greatness that is Sheeran's talent as lyricist and singer. It may not have showcased his true vocal abilities, but Ed sweetly croons a romantic tune that made this a masterpiece even two more albums later.

10. Happier

Closing the top 10 Best Ed Sheeran Songs list is "Happier." It is a truly touching breakup song that showed that this love-song master also knows how it feels to watch your lover slip through our finger and into the arms of another despite all your best efforts to prevent such an outcome.